EPA Code of Practice Wastewater Systems

Dwelling Performance Standards

Percolation Dwelling Performance Standards Kerry Cork Limerick

5.1 Performance Standards I.S. EN 12566-3:2005 and prEN 12566-6 specify the test procedures to be followed in the measurement of a range of parameters relevant to treatment efficiency for packaged and/or site-assembled treatment plants and for prefabricated treatment units for septic tank effluent, respectively. These standards do not specify treatment efficiency to be achieved for … Read more

Wastewater Characteristics

Wastewater System Stations for Ireland

Wastewater Characteristics involved in Percolation Application For the purposes of this CoP, a single-house system refers to a system serving a dwelling house of up to 10 people with toilet, living, sleeping, bathing, cooking and eating facilities. The strength of the inflow in terms of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) into an on- site system will … Read more