O.S.C is a top quality environmental engineering and Percolation Testing and Building Company based in Kerry serving Kerry, Cork and Limerick.

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O.S.C is a top quality environmental engineering and Percolation Testing company based in Kerry also serving Cork and Limerick.

The services provided by O.S.C are Site Assessment / Percolation testing / surveying existing systems to

inform interested parties of the condition and status of an existing sewer system.

We supply top quality sewer construction drawings as a standard practice on all our test reports.

O’Sullivan Consulting Percolation Testing Kerry, Cork and Limerick. Providing local employment in Kerry and the surrounding area’s of Cork and Limerick.

Heavily Insured,

Member of Kerry and Limerick County Council’s Site Assessors Panels,

Effluent Engineering and Solution Certification,

Holder’s of S.S.A.C. Certificate,

Agent’s for Kingspan Environmental Products,

Rain Water Harvesting Products,

Ultra Voilet Filters

Services Provided:

Percolation Testing

E.P.A standard percolation & Soakage testing

Site Assessment/Site Assessors

We will asses your site for soakage and water treatment solutions

Sewage Treatment Proposals

We will propose the best solutions

Pumping Solutions

We will propose quality product to cater for your specific needs

Environmental Products

We will recommend a creditable Product

Wastewater System Stations for Ireland
Standard Wastewater System

A waste system consists of a waste water Treatment System (septic tank, packages treatment system, peat filters, wetlands) and percolation area.

Septic tank and peat filter Kerry Cork Limerick
Septic tank and peat filter

Proper testing, system selection and percolation system reduce the risk of contamination of our water resources and malfunction of your system.

Site Assessment
Site Layout Drawings

A Site Assessment result and detailed on site treatment drawings are the first positive steps towards a successful planning application decision.

OSC Percolation Testing and Waste Water Management Tanks and Systems in Cork, Kerry and Limerick.

Definitions Used in Percolation

Definitions Activated sludge treatment: Activated sludge is a process in sewage treatment in which air or oxygen is forced into sewage liquor to develop a biological floc, which reduces the organic content of the sewage. Aquifer: Any stratum or combination of strata that stores or transmits groundwater. Bedrock: The solid rock beneath the soil and … Read more

Percolation Test

O’Sullivan Consulting | OSC | Percolation Testing in Kerry, Cork and Limerick   A percolation test  is a test to determine the absorption rate of soil for a septic drain field or leach field. The results of a percolation test are required to properly design a septic system in rural area’s. A test hole is … Read more

Detailed Site Reports

Environmental Engineering Services in Kerry, Cork and Limerick. We provide percolation testing for planning permissions in the South West of Ireland. The testing is done by a fully qualified site assessor. There is engineering insurance in place to cover up to amounts of €1Million in value. We also have public liability insurance in place to … Read more

Environmental Consultant · Environmental Conservation · Engineering Service in Cork, Kerry and Limerick.

If you are interested in a treatment system or tank

Tim O’Sullivan is a Dedicated Percolation Test and Site Assessor in Counties Kerry, Cork and Limerick.